About Us

Dr. Hendrickson DDS

Dr. Ivan Hendrickson DDS received his Bachelor Degree from Brigham Young University, and his DDS (Doctorate of Dental Surgery) from Baylor College of Dentistry. He graduated in the top 10% of his class with honors in the OKU academic society. More importantly he has 25 years of experience with thousands of oral surgeries performed. He is the kind of professional that will provide you with a high quality experience.

Dr. Plumb DDS

Dr. Plumb has been in practice for over 20 years and is very experienced in removing wisdom teeth. He has been a part of the Simply Wisdom Teeth team for the past 5 years and has removed thousands of wisdom teeth. After receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree, Dr. Plumb continued his education and became licensed with the state of Nevada to administer anesthesia. When Dr. Plumb is not removing wisdom teeth, he is helping to raise his 4 kids with his wife of 24+ years. Dr. Plumb is the kind of caring individual you want to have removing your wisdom teeth. He is very mindful of the patients experience and shows tremendous care and compassion to his patients. ​

Greg Sanders (Lead Anesthesia Nurse)

Greg Sanders is our Lead Anesthesia Nurse. He received his Nursing Practice Degree from the University of Utah. He has been treating patients undergoing anesthesia for 20 years! Greg has successfully assisted in over 30,000 patients ranging from simple dental procedures to extreme trauma cases. Greg shows a lot of care and compassion towards his patients, He is a tremendous asset to the Simply Wisdom Teeth team and will help you feel comfortable throughout your visit to our office.

Great News!
You're eligible, but with different insurance plans the cost will vary between providers

We estimate pricing to be around $50-$600