What Activities Can I Do With My Time After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

After getting their wisdom teeth extracted, it takes most people three to four days to recover. Every person is different, and if there are complications, recovery can take longer. When recovering, it is suggested to rest and take it slow. At first, time passes quickly as you sleep and catch up on rest. However, after a day or two of resting, people often start getting restless and want to do something. So what can you do when you are ordered to take it easy? Here is a list of a couple of our favorite activities.

  1. Binge-Watch Your Favorite TV Show Or Have A Movie Marathon
    There is no time like now to catch up on your favorite tv show! Sit down with a cozy blanket and some comfortable clothing, and watch those series you’ve been meaning to get to. It can be fun to pick a genre of movie and complete a movie marathon as well. Maybe you’re in the mood for an action-packed day, or to be on the edge, scared the whole day. Pick your favorite genre and enjoy the day!
  2. Play A Video Game
    A great way to stimulate your brain, without a lot of physical activity is playing video games. See if you can beat the game you’ve been working on for a while. Or if you’re new to video games, try and learn a game! With options on your phone, tablet, TV, or computer, you’re sure to find an option that works best for you while still resting up and taking it easy.
  3. Read A Book
    Three to four days is plenty of time to finish your favorite book or even book series. Make sure to stock up before you get your surgery, so you don’t have to leave to go get a book. Enjoy a physical copy or try an e-book online! Another way to mix it up is to read a book, and then watch the movie after and compare them. It’s not often you have time to do both, so take advantage.
  4. Create Something New
    With a couple of days to recover and rest, it’s the perfect time to challenge your mind and create something new. You could knit a blanket, or crochet a scarf. Try making a scrapbook of a favorite memory, or learn how to embroider. There are so many different crafts and activities to try that don’t require too much physical energy. You have the time to create, so why not explore the possibilities.
  5. Make A Piece Of Art
    Painting, coloring, or drawing are all fun activities that can be enjoyed at any skill level. You can try out a coloring book, download a painting app, or freehand a portrait. Use a pen, colored pencils, markers, crayons, or paint. The best part of art is you don’t need much to try it out. With your downtime, see what you can come up with.
  6. Start A Puzzle Or Play A Game
    Another way to challenge your brain is to start a puzzle or play a game. Choose from a jigsaw puzzle, a logic puzzle like sudoku, a word puzzle like a crossword game, or try a trivia puzzle. There are plenty of board and card games that a great for solo play as well. Play a game of Solitaire or Spider. With so many games available to play online, you can always try multiplayer games with other people as well, even if you are home alone.
  7. Take An Online Class
    Is there a skill you’ve always wanted to learn? A certificate that could help your career? Do you want to learn more about a hobby you enjoy? There are plenty of online classes, both free and paid, available in almost any topic you can think of. A lot of classes can be done in a few hours or a couple of days, meaning that you could get one or several classes finished while you recover!
  8. Holiday Shopping
    The holidays always come up fast every year, so while you’re recovering you could take the time to be prepared! Make a list of who you want to give gifts to this year. Think of presents they may enjoy. Look up pricing to find the best deals and make a budget. Whether you buy the presents now, or just get a list ready for the future, you’ll be thankful when the holiday season comes around.
  9. Plan a trip
    Sometimes, the best way to escape boredom is to imagine you’re somewhere else. When you are recovering, planning a trip can be a great way to pass time. Whether you plan on actually taking the trip, or just want to fantasize, you can still do the research while resting! Look up locations, attractions, restaurants, hotels, and travel. Plan a day’s itinerary, and think of who you’d like to travel with, if anyone at all. Who knows, when you are all healed up, maybe you’ll get to actually go on the trip!
  10. Write Thank You Cards
    Finally, your recovery period is the perfect time to reflect on the people in your life. Think of times someone reached out, did a favor, or gave you a gift. Take your time to write out a nice thank you. It could be for a person you’re thankful to have in your life. Or for the person who drove you home from your surgery. Even a friend who reached out to see how the surgery went. It’s always good to be thankful, and recovery time is the best time to act on those feelings!

While this list is our favorite activities to do after wisdom teeth removal, there are so many more activities to do! Be creative, and do what’s best for you. Make sure to always take it easy so you can heal and recover quickly. For more information about wisdom teeth removal, read our other blogs. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We strive to make your wisdom teeth extraction as easy as possible, and are always here to help!

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