When to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth will normally appear in the late teen to early adult years, 18 to 24. Because they are the last of the adult teeth to come in, there usually isn’t enough space for proper growth and alignment. This leads to abnormalities such as full or partial impaction, increasing the risk of infection.

These factors are often why wisdom teeth are extracted as a preventative measure. Your dentist will keep a close eye on their progression to watch for any issues in their development. If it appears that the teeth are becoming impacted, you will be recommended for extraction. When timed properly, the tooth will be removed before the roots have a chance to grow and cause further issue.

Overall, wisdom teeth generally need to be removed between the time the crown comes in and the roots grow. When your dentist recommends removal, it is better to act sooner rather than later. Delaying extraction can make recovery longer and more painful.

At Simply Wisdom Teeth we are happy to do a free x-ray to see how your wisdom teeth are coming in and developing, If you would like to schedule that free x-ray just call the office at 435-652-1243

Simply Wisdom Teeth helps make wisdom teeth removal simple and hassle free. For more information call (435) 652-1243.

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