Why Do My Wisdom Teeth Hurt? Reason #1

Why do your wisdom teeth hurt!? Because they hate you? Because they are cursed? For no discernible reason at all? Sometimes it truly feels that way. But usually there is a very logical reason for the pain.

REASON #1:  Your Wisdom Tooth has a Cavity!

Yes, it really can happen, wisdom teeth do get cavities! When a wisdom tooth begins to erupt, it becomes exposed to the bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria will cause the wisdom tooth to decay! More often then not, your wisdom teeth are very hard to clean and so the bacteria flourish.

You may opt to have your wisdom tooth fixed with a filling; however, the expense and inconvenience are rarely worth the effort. (And believe me, we dentists don’t like to do fillings that far back in the mouth!!) It is difficult for the dentist to insure a quality restoration on a decaying third molar.

The solution? Get it out!

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